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"Hello - you have reached the personal voicemail inbox of INSERT NAME HERE; they're not available right now, but please leave your name, number and a brief message, and they'll get back to you as soon as they can.

In the event of an emergency, hang up and dial whatever authorities may be available to help you with your crisis. In the event that there are no authorities, may whatever God you believe in help you because there's a good chance that INSERT NAME HERE can't help you either. If the world has fallen under martial law, become a police state and/or has otherwise become a dystopia, please be aware that Big Brother may be watching you for quality assurance purposes.

Thank you for your interest in contacting INSERT NAME HERE; have a nice day, and remember, 'science' rhymes with 'compliance'!"

[Please state in the subject line if OOC planning is preferred and we can handwave like the wind, but otherwise IC will be assumed!]
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Good evening.

[And from the look of it, it's been a long one; her long white hair is pulled back and messily secured in place with a pair of pens sticking out at odd angles, and her eyes - vivid amber in color, a little alarmingly so perhaps - look bright as hell behind the rims of her glasses. She's clearly worked up about something, even if her voice retains that calm dryness that it usually carries; she's smiling, but it's a bit more like a smirk than a smile, and if we're all being honest it's a bit more like baring teeth than anything.

Somebody's excited.

At least the camera is still, presumably because she's got it set up somewhere; it's difficult to see exactly where she is, she's kind of all up in your metaphorical grill there.]

Since it seems my last pair of coworkers have discovered better things to do than staying in this region, or staying in this world altogether for that matter, I'm looking for a few people to help me out. Just with a few...experiments.

[And oh, her eyes are alive.]

You'll be compensated for your time, and you'll be granted the power to defy physics as you see fit.

And if you don't believe me...

[She moves back from where she's been all up in the camera's business, finally giving a solid view of the room; the ceiling is high, though the room itself is largely nondescript, and there's some sort of odd platform set up in the middle of the floor.

GLaDOS herself seems to have a rather odd pair of white boots on, rather than her usual, far plainer set; she glances up at the ceiling as though mildly uncertain of the height, takes a deep breath, and steps forward onto it.


The sound of the plate being activated is a sharp, loud one, throwing her straight up into the air with enough force that it might as well be some sort of goddamn cannon (much like these fine pieces of machinery are prone to doing); she lets herself drop back down onto it, shooting herself into the air a second time, before letting her head drop forward, kicking up and over into enough of a flip to ensure she won't land on the plate again.

Those boots make an odd hydraulic whooshing sound as they kick in, ensuring she lands properly; she lands hard and it looks like it should have been jarring as hell, but it's worth noting that she lands on her feet and seems pret-ty good.

She approaches the camera again; she seems a bit breathless, but incredibly pleased with herself.]


Any takers?
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[Well, it seems somebody is up and about this morning, and looking fairly invigorated about it; it seems that spending eight hours on a train is amazing for ensuring that she actually sleeps, if for no better reason than there's nothing better to do.

She's been getting a lot of sleep lately, it seems. But that's beside the point.

The point is that she's outside and it's cloudy as hell and just a bit windy but the overall effect is akin to that of a Magikarp in rain - she's got a lot of energy and is moving fast as hell, all while not actually...accomplishing anything of value, um.

At least she's...sort of smiling. In that weird, vague-approximation-of-a-human-expression sort of way she does, where the result is really more like baring teeth.]

You know, I think now is when I should be saying that if I'd known travelling was this nice, I would have done it a lot sooner.

That would be a lie, of course. I don't want to get on that train again.


[She flicks her hair back from her face once that's been said, the motion pointless but giving her something to do with her free hand; she's practically vibrating over there, she's so wound up. Like somebody gave her enough coffee to give her the jitters for the next week.]

But that's beside the point. Has anyone else noticed their Pokémon doing something a bit...different, lately?

Not insanity-different. Battling-different. One of mine has gone a little weird.


[And a few moments later...]

I'm going to be on an assignment for an indefinite period of time.

Don't destroy the lab while I'm gone.
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You know, there comes a point where you stop being surprised and you start accepting things as an inevitability. Gravity is always going to work. Eating paint is always going to be a bad idea. There's always going to be some mute lunatic running around and screwing things up.

Things like that.

[And a good morning to you too, GLaDOS; nice to see you're in...uh, good spirits, as always.

Of course, it's a bit difficult to tell where she is, given the angle of the video; it's definitely straight-on, as far as her face goes, but the long white hair she has tied back tightly, away from her face, seems to have gravity acting on it in a...weirdly upward direction. Either physics has temporarily shut itself off, or she's hanging off of something.

Spoilers: it's the latter. More specifically, her bed; she's got herself draped sideways over it with her legs braced against the wall, her head hanging down toward the ground.

It's a comfortable position, okay.]

Apparently I should add "not having five minutes' peace" to that list. Because I know for a fact that I didn't before being brought back here.

But then, the mute lunatic has been dealt with. And there are ways to make gravity less of a big deal than it thinks it is. And that's what science is about, isn't it? We're told that we can't do one thing, and we see the lack of point in moping about it.

So we get mad.

[Contrary to her words, however, she's smiling again; it's not a nice expression, closer to baring teeth than anything, but she's - ...yeahno, let's be honest with ourselves, she's not even trying...]

But while we're all beating the odds here, I'd still recommend against eating paint unless you've been instructed to by the proper personnel - after all, there's no point in being dumb about it.
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[Well. As much as GLaDOS likes to think she can handle things completely and utterly by herself with absolutely zero assistance from anyone else, thank you very much, sometimes there are things that are just...completely baffling. As much as she tries to work certain things out, it just isn't going to happen.

So there's going to be a brief text to the network sent out sometime in the morning aka this post is forward-dated to a time that isn't "unholy o'clock", rather blunt and to the point and...surprisingly free of sarcasm.]

Since a lot of you have probably been here long enough to figure out that sometimes people leave this place with no warning whatsoever, I have to wonder - does it mean something when you get an animal and/or property from someone who's left, or does this place just do that randomly?

Because I got something a while ago. It's been annoying me ever since, for a lot of reasons. I didn't like the idiot I got it from, so I don't think it's anything related to that.


[And in news surprisingly unrelated to anything that she just posted, today is actually something of a rare occasion, given that GLaDOS is actually outside; she's found a square where she thinks she'll be alone for the most part - an assumption that can really only end in tears and pain, because she has all the subtlety of a sledgehammer when it comes to keeping her location concealed and said square is located rather near the Center she tends to work at in her spare time.

Either way, she's parked on a bench that she's cleared most of the snow off of, and it seems she's caught something recently - a Rotom is buzzing around her shoulders rather contentedly, causing the ends of her hair to frizz upwards a bit, though she doesn't pay it much mind for the time being. Her attention is focused elsewhere – namely, on the Koffing in front of her, which is currently poisoning the living shit out of her Mareep, from the look of it.

She's got a notebook lying open in her lap, though she's leaning forward so far that it's more or less a moot point; once in a while she seems to remember it's there and scrawls some notes down. She seems to be waiting for something; her Mareep is...seeming not too happy and is pretty much lying down on the ground by this point, looking at her in the most pathetic manner possible.

Well...she actually will look up once in a while toward that Rotom, which seems to give a grand total of zero damns about the apparent slow death-by-toxins in front of it; GLaDOS is humming a bit as she observes, and once in a while there's a noise from the creature next to her - the same melody repeated back, just staticky and strange, as though it's being played through a damn Tesla coil. She smirks at it, then goes back to rather gleefully torturing her sheep.

Science is going well today, it seems.]
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[The video today is coming to you from inside one of the dorm rooms; it seems that GLaDOS has decided to take her work outside of the lab for the moment, primarily because it occurred to her at one point that she would, in fact, need to sleep and minimizing the time between wandering back to the lab and passing out sounded like a great idea. But that's beside the point.

The angle you're getting is from somewhere off to the side; it's primarily her hand for a moment before she pulls away after having turned the 'Gear on. She's currently sitting at what appears to be a really makeshift light/drafting table that she's MacGyvered together from a bunch of books, a table lamp and some plexiglass, the soft glow from beneath it illuminating her very pale features and glinting off those thinly-rimmed glasses of hers. She's not looking at the camera; she keeps her gaze focused downward while she works.]

Since we're all going to be stuck here for what looks like a ridiculous amount of time, I might as well get a few questions out of the way.

You people like destroying things, right? Of course you do. And destroying things from a distance is even better, isn't it? Otherwise we wouldn't have...oh. I don't know. Flamethrowers. And rockets. And other things that are designed to launch things that have been designed to be launched at you.

[No, she does not seem to care that she is paging the Department of Redundancy Department here; she just goes back to whatever it is she's drawing for a moment before continuing on.]

Of course, since it would be asking entirely too much for this place to be stocked with anything that would be at all helpful, I can't guarantee anything. But that doesn't mean it's all useless.

[She picks up the 'Gear then, bringing it over to that table and angling it awkwardly downward to show what she's been working on. It seems she certainly has been working on ways to get things from one place to another; what she's been drawing is pretty much something that crawled right the hell out of PokéSpe, and can best be described in three words - "portable Voltorb launcher."

She lets the camera hover over this...Voltorbazooka for a moment before setting it back on the table and getting it back to work.]

No idea if it'll work, and it seems like something else this place will put a stop to before it does anything good - but you would be really surprised at what you can manage with a bit of physics and what's probably going to end up being way too much spring-loading to comply with any sort of safety regulations.

If this place wants me to do science, I'm not going to argue with it. After all, as a great man once said - when life gives you lemons, don't make lemonade.

Make life rue the day that it thought it could give you lemons.

[Well, that last bit is delivered in as cheerful a manner as possible, and the few seconds she spends finishing up whatever lines she's tracing out before she reaches out and clicks the feed off again are filled with some rather cheerful humming.

Nice to see the level of sanity in the science division hasn't improved any...]
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[Well, Johto, today you are getting the most terse question in the history of terse questions; no elaborations, no explanations, just incredibly to-the-point. There isn't any sort of noise in the background to indicate where the speaker is, specifically, either, though the general white-noise sounds indicate somewhere outdoors.]

So what sort of buildings are we allowed to rent out here, anyway?


[Surprisingly, GLaDOS is actually outside today, sitting on a bench in one of the small, open squares in Goldenrod City. She has two of her Pokémon out - the Deerling and the Porygon-Z - but she doesn't seem to be paying them much mind, though she does glance up once in a while as though to ensure they haven't run off; rather, most of her attention seems given to a legal pad sitting in her lap - not full of research notes, but rather drawings, the lines sketchy and angular, outlining what appear to be floor plans. The rooms have a somewhat creepy lack of perspective going on, what with all of the walls visible like the room is some sort of cardboard box collapsed outwards, and parts of the floors and walls are covered with Xs and bullseye targets.

She has several pages turned back on that legal pad before the one she's currently sketching on; she could probably wallpaper herself a nice room full of crazy if she felt inclined to display it anywhere, but for now she's content to draw and let her Pokémon play with each other.]
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[Well! GLaDOS usually avoids showing herself on camera, but for now? She'll make a bit of an exception. The filming is a little shaky, the jittercam seeing to imply that there's a camera pokemon at work; probably Rotom, she takes that thing with her everywhere.

She hasn't regained her previous form - oh, no. So for those who are directly unfamiliar, there's now a very tall woman with long white hair on your feed! She's standing around in what looks like a...paintball field? The world's most sterile laser tag arena? Either way, there are a lot of white barriers around, set up in an unused back lot in Goldenrod, just on the outskirts of a residential area. Some are tilted at very odd angles, and there's one positioned high on the side of a neighboring apartment building, looking down on a neat row of barriers on the ground - that's where she's standing.

She's a bit overdressed for a game of paintball, if that's the case - she has a white shell of a dress on, hitting just above knee-length, and what looks like a black leotard of sorts under it, preventing anyone from seeing skin other than her face and hands; she has a brooch on her dress, various stones arranged in a row - purple, yellow, dark blue, red and another, far paler blue. However, the feed is being taken from high enough up to reveal that her choice in shoes is a bit...unusual; furthermore, in her hands, she has a -


... ... ...

Oh dear.

She has a very large case of "Oh dear", right in her hands there.

She smirks at the camera, amber eyes glinting behind her glasses.]

Hello, and welcome to Aperture Science's Temporary Non-Permanent Makeshift Enrichment Center. For those who have been looking for something to do with their lives, wanting to make a contribution to science, or simply needing a few extra dollars so that you're not sleeping outside tonight, you're in luck - we're looking for a few good men, a few good women, and you.

[Her voice is casual, an almost sing-song quality to it - surely that wasn't as backhanded as it sounded just now...? Either way, she moves on too quickly for it to be an issue!]

It's my pleasure to inform you that we're hiring; you're very necessary to Aperture Science's continued success, and since I don't have access to any deadly neurotoxins in this field, your chance of surviving the testing process has increased exponentially. But as always, cake and grief counseling will be offered after the testing process.

But if that's not enough to convince you...

[She turns around and fires that strange apparatus onto that barrier high up on the apartment buildings behind her; a ring of blue appears on the barrier in a spray of particles. She follows it with her gaze, as though calculating; she moves a couple of steps to the left, smirks wickedly at the camera and tosses her head a bit as though instructing whatever has the camera to back up some and change the angle to a side view. Once she seems satisfied that the whole setup is visible, she aims that device straight down.

An orange portal forms beneath her, linking instantaneously with the first blue portal; she drops abruptly through it, emerging immediately through the blue portal, lined up to drop her through the orange a second time. And with that momentum, she flings herself onto one of those strangely-angled platforms a great distance away.

Speedy thing goes in, speedy thing comes out.

She lands hard, those boots making a hell of a noise, but she doesn't seem harmed.

The camera...rather enthusiastically catches up to her; she flicks some of her hair out of her face casually.]

...for a few hours of your time, the power to bend physics can be yours! Any takers?

[OOC: Extending a welcome to fourth-wall to the non-Route players!

If there are, in fact, any takers, there are portal guns and long-fall boots for everyone - while GLaDOS is more than welcome to talk you through the testing process (and might be persuaded to join you in doing science, because she has to admit that flinging was kind of fun), she's also content to simply observe all the suckers test subjects rather than interact. Basically, GLaDOS doesn't need to be interacted with at all should you choose to mingle with others and want to just have fun with portals, but you're more than welcome to play with her as well!

The long-fall boots are required for all test subjects, though she really doesn't give a damn if you want to break your legs so you're more than welcome to try this without them - and yes, gentlemen, they all come with heels.

And because I know somebody is going to ask, NO, THERE ACTUALLY IS NO CAKE. What were you expecting?]
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[And somewhere in Johto, there's someone in an incredibly good mood today; somebody's audio channel has been left open, and the result is a rather strong, clear soprano voice singing...uh, something rather repetitive and kind of Italian over the feed. She seems to be singing as she works on something or other; since she doesn't have the benefit of a bunch of ridiculously cute turrets providing background music, the song is a capella, and as such there are a lot of rather audible mechanical...noises happening in the background.

Weird. Grating noises. At least they sound like they're a good distance away from her...but then there's the occasional really loud wham in the background. That seems to be decidedly nearer.

...oh dear.

Whatever she's doing, however, the sudden banging sounds seem to be pretty much par for the course as far as she's concerned; her voice isn't breaking any, with the exception of the occasional waver that comes with what's probably her turning her head away from the general direction of the Gear to check whatever the hell is making all the noise.

GLaDOS is having quite a good day; as little as she's liked being human, she's actually rather fond of the fact that her voice now comes with decidedly less autotune.]


[For those within the Rocket base, the incessant sounds in that area are implying that GLaDOS is having a grand old time generally doing what Aperture Science employees do best: breaking things horribly. For now, she seems to have been dedicating her time to recreating an incredibly crude Aerial Faith Plate; she hasn't gotten very far, having had to make the entire thing by hand, but she's staked out one of the larger rooms for herself and is currently testing out what she's managed, singing to herself all the while.

Of course, "what she's managed to do" has been create a means to terrify her Raticate, the aptly-dubbed Test Subject #1; in between the rounds of Cara Mia Addio, those with access to the labs can likely find a ridiculously tall, very pale woman with thinly-rimmed glasses and long white hair, standing around and trying to convince said Raticate to get on the plate - before the thing quite simply launches too early, smashing the flat surface of the plate itself violently against the floor before righting itself. Kinda.


It's a work in progress, okay.]


Mar. 5th, 2012 07:58 am
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So, how has your RPing experience been with GLaDOS so far - good, bad, aggressively mediocre? Here's where you can tell me! I'm always striving to improve, so feel free to crit as much as you like!

Things to possibly offer crit on:

+ Character Voice: Is her dialogue appropriate for her character, and does it sound like something she would conceivably say? Am I off in terms of slang usage or character-specific terms? Have I been calling your character by the wrong thing entirely (using a name instead of a title or the other way around, etc)? Is she being too antagonistic? Not antagonistic enough? Is she too vague? Or is she hitting your character over the head with all the subtlety of an anvil tied to an oncoming train at a time when that would not be appropriate?

+ Character Actions: Are the physical actions I'm describing logical and...well, physically possible? Are the situations that I'm utilizing in posts reasonably in-character? Is she treating your character in ways that are consistent with their CR, or has she been acting strangely toward them for seemingly no reason?

+ Tag Content: Am I giving you enough to respond to? Am I giving too much by overloading with dialogue or descriptions? Am I being too vague about the direction of a thread and causing it to meander around aimlessly, or does it feel like I'm going the other way entirely and trying to direct or force our CR?

+ Other Tagging Problems: Do I frequently miss the point or make stupid mistakes while tagging? Has there been derpy grammar, unclear phrasing, accidental godmode battling, things in action brackets that cause a tremendous WHAT THE HELL response, or the like?

...or it's entirely possible that you just really liked that last thread we did and want to tell me. That's perfectly cool as well!

Comments are screened; anon commenting is on, IP logging is off.


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